Since the 1960’s, the manicured grass, majestic trees and welcoming facilities of the Escondido Country Club have provided beauty and value to create one of the most treasured neighborhoods in Escondido.

A Beverly Hills developer who wants to build a massive housing development on the property changed all that in a matter of months.

  • The ​housing development would overload our roads with 5,000 additional daily trips, according to the City of Escondido.
  • The 430 homes would use 173,600 more gallons of water than the golf course did - that's 62% MORE water, according to the City.
  • The development also bypasses state environmental laws, and reduces open space from 110 acres to 27.​
  • It would add hundreds of new students to already overcrowded schools in Escondido and San Marcos
  • It would drive up taxpayer costs for maintenance and operations in Escondido, eliminating all property tax gains, according to the City
  • It’s being proposed by a ruthless Beverly Hills developer who ​has destroyed our neighborhood and ​dumped chicken manure behind our homes

Please join us in voting against the development this November by voting NO on H

Lastly, please email if you would like to volunteer on the NO on H campaign, or if you would like a yard sign.


Voting tools and documentation

Sunday, October 12, 2014

If you're getting ready to vote absentee, here are a few tools that will help.  No lies, just truth!


Here is a link to the City of Escondido report on Prop H:


Here is a link to the actual initiative:


Be a responsible voter!  Don't listen to the "spin", just read the facts!



Sunday, October 5, 2014


The election is 30 days from today.  That means that you can put your yard signs up in your yard today and be within Escondido City code; remember, they have to be 36" in on your property.  If you don't yet have a sign, you can get one at HQ:

1451 Industrial Ave
Escondido, CA 92029
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM  Monday-Friday

Or, if you're unable to come to HQ, we can deliver them to you.  Just send an email to  We also have a small supply of John Masson signs, too.  Remember, the signs are double-sided, so you can put them sideways so they can be seen coming/going.

Prop H (the Specific Plan) effectively removes oversight and control from the City of Escondido

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Here are a few excerpts from their initiative:

"Where these regulations and guidelines conflict with other plans, ordinances, and guidelines of the City of Escondido, the Specific Plans provisions shall control." Page C-5

Meaning - This proposition can override local laws!

" ... not defined as a "project" under CEQA, and is therefore exempt from CEQA's environmental review process." Page C-8

Meaning - Normal environmental regulations will not be in force for the development!

Read it for yourself:

Vote NO on H

Please SHARE with other concerned Escondido voters!



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